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A Refined Digital Experience

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Hello, We’re CCO

Cartel Connect Online (CCO), a digital membership by Ideas Cartel, was built with community values and experiences at its heart. This offering brings together like-minded individuals and businesses facing similar challenges, in order to share, learn and grow.

By creating a platform where small businesses and independent thought leaders can be productively promoted in a way that’s interesting and useful to a broader community, we’re giving them a fighting chance in tough times.

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Curated Digital Content

Our video library and livestream content is created, curated and delivered by industry experts. We’ve gathered thought leaders across industries to keep you interested and updated on everything from business and marketing to wellness and working out.

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One Eye on Small Businesses

While this platform is primarily a library of standalone and live video content, there’s something special at the core of how it operates. In order to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in South Africa, we’re inviting them to become Speakers; contributors of their own content.

By sharing their personal knowledge in their fields of interest, these thought leaders are able to promote their product in a way that’s relevant and interesting to a broader community.

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